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Planner Printing Size Guide

Planner Type Paper Size Scale Percentage to print from Letter size
A6 4.1 x 5.8 in 51%
A5 5.8 x 8.3 in 68%
5 x 7″ 5 x 7 inch 58%
Half Letter 5.5 x 8.5 inch 68%
A4 210 x 297 mm 100%
Classic Happy Planner 7 x 9.25 inch 82%
Mini Happy Planner 4.62 x 7 inch 54%
Big Happy Planner 8.5 x 11 inch 100%
Personal Wide Size 4.75 x 6.75 inch 63%
Personal Size 3.75 x 6.75 inch 44%
Pocket Size 3.2 x 4.7 inch 38%
Mini Size 2.64 x 4.13 inch 31%

When it comes to planning and organizing our lives, using a physical planner can be a valuable tool. Not only does it provide us with a tangible way to track our schedules and goals, but it also allows us to unleash our creativity and personalize our planning experience. However, choosing the right planner size is crucial to ensure it meets our needs and fits seamlessly into our daily lives. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore different planner printing sizes, their dimensions, and the factors to consider when selecting the perfect planner size for you.

Why Planner Size Matters

Before diving into the specifics, let’s understand why planner size is an important consideration. The size of your planner affects its portability, ease of use, and the amount of information you can include. A planner that is too large may be cumbersome to carry around, while one that is too small might not offer enough space for detailed planning. By finding the right size, you can strike the perfect balance between functionality and convenience.

Common Planner Sizes

  1. Pocket Size (3.5″ x 5.5″) The pocket-sized planner is the smallest option available, fitting easily into your pocket or handbag. It offers a compact design ideal for on-the-go individuals who need a planner that can be carried everywhere. While the limited space may not allow for extensive planning, it’s perfect for jotting down quick notes, reminders, and appointments
  2.  A6 Size (4.1″ x 5.8″) Slightly larger than the pocket size, the A6 planner provides a bit more room for planning and organizing. Its compact size still allows for easy portability, making it a popular choice for those who value convenience but need a bit more space to write.
  3. Personal Size (3.75″ x 6.75″) The personal-sized planner is slightly taller than the pocket size and provides more writing space. This size is suitable for those who prefer a balance between portability and functionality. It offers enough room to include important details while still being compact enough to carry around
  4. B6 Size (4.9″ x 6.9″) The B6 size is a popular option for individuals who enjoy more spacious planning pages. It provides ample room for detailed scheduling, task lists, and even creative journaling. While it may not be as portable as smaller sizes, the extra space allows for a more comprehensive planning experience.
  5. A5 Size (5.8″ x 8.3″) The A5 planner is a versatile size suitable for various planning needs. With larger pages, it offers ample space for detailed planning, goal setting, and even sketching. It strikes a balance between portability and functionality, making it a favorite among many planner enthusiast
  6. B5 Size (6.9″ x 9.8″) For those who require even more planning space, the B5 size is an excellent choice. It provides generous dimensions that cater to individuals with busy schedules and a need for extensive planning and note-taking. While it may not be as portable as smaller sizes, its size allows for a comprehensive approach to organizing your life.

Choosing the Right Planner Size for You

Selecting the perfect planner size depends on your personal preferences, lifestyle, and specific planning needs. Here are some factors to consider when making your decision:

  1. Portability – If you’re always on the move and need your planner with you at all times, a smaller size such as pocket or A6 may be the best fit. On the other hand, if you primarily use your planner at home or in the office, a larger size like A5 or B5 may suit you better.
  2.  Amount of Information – Consider how much detail you want to include in your planner. If you prefer concise planning with just the essentials, a smaller size will suffice. However, if you enjoy adding decorative elements, extensive to-do lists, or detailed notes, opt for a larger size that offers more space.
  3. Writing Comfort – Think about your writing style and comfort. If you have large handwriting or prefer a more relaxed writing experience, a bigger planner size will accommodate your needs better. Conversely, if you have small handwriting or prefer a more compact layout, a smaller size may be more suitable.
  4. Additional Features – Some planner sizes come with additional features such as pockets, bookmarks, or dividers. Consider whether these extra functionalities align with your planning requirements and enhance your overall experience.

Choosing the right planner size is essential to ensure your planner seamlessly integrates into your daily routine and supports your planning and organizational needs. By considering factors such as portability, space requirements, writing comfort, and additional features, you can select a size that suits your unique preferences. Remember, the perfect planner size is a personal choice that aligns with your lifestyle and planning style.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I resize my planner if I choose the wrong size?

Unfortunately, most pre-printed planners cannot be resized. It’s important to carefully consider the size before making a purchase to avoid any inconvenience.

Are there any other planner sizes available besides the ones mentioned?

Yes, there are other sizes available in the market. However, the sizes mentioned in this guide are the most commonly used and widely available options.

Can I use different planner sizes for different purposes?

Absolutely! Many people find it useful to use multiple planners for different aspects of their lives. For example, a pocket-sized planner for quick notes and a larger size for detailed planning.

What if I’m unsure about the size I need?

If you’re unsure about the right size, you can start with a size that you think will work best for you based on your preferences. You can always try different sizes in the future until you find the perfect fit.

Can I create my own custom-sized planner?

Yes, some companies offer customization options that allow you to create a planner with specific dimensions tailored to your needs. Keep in mind that custom planners may have longer lead times and higher costs.

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