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Free Asemic Planner Dashboard Insert

Free Asemic Planner Dashboard Insert

The abstract, calligraphic designs allow you to personalize your planner while inspiring your creativity every day.

What is Asemic writing?

It is a form of abstract or wordless writing that does not have a specific, readable meaning. It involves creating marks, symbols, or forms that resemble traditional writing but do not correspond to any specific language or textual content.

Asemic writing focuses on the visual and artistic aspects of writing rather than its linguistic content. It can be seen as a blend of art and literature, where the emphasis is on the aesthetics and emotional impact of the written forms rather than on conveying a precise message. This type of writing often invites personal interpretation and evokes a sense of mystery or contemplation.

Free Asemic Planner Dashboard Insert

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Free Asemic Planner Dashboard Insert | a4 FORMAT | PDF

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