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Printing With Trim Marks

Are you tired of guessing and measuring when it comes to printing templates and digital prints at their intended size? With this simple hack, you can ensure that your home-printed digital prints come out perfectly every time.

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Planner Printing Sizing Chart

How big are the inserts for your planner? Get out a ruler or measuring tape and find out the length x width of your planner inserts. Write it down somewhere you’ll remember (hint: somewhere in your planner).

Here is a chart of common planner inserts, their sizes, and the percent you need to print letter size pintables at.

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How to Resize and Print a Letter PDF Document to A5

Resizing a PDF document can be necessary when you need to fit it onto a smaller page size or when you want to reduce the file size for sharing or printing purposes. But simply changing the size can cause the contents to distort and become unreadable. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of resizing a letter-sized PDF document to A5 while maintaining the clarity of the contents.

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